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What our

customers are saying

Don't take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying about our delicious Wood Fired Pizzas!




My favorite pizza by far. The owner/chef Rodrigo is a really nice guy. He was trained in Italy to make real thin crust Italian pizza, and he mastered it. Many of the ingredients are imported from Italy and the toppings are so fresh and delicious. The sauce tastes like fresh summer tomatoes and the toppings are all above and beyond the norm. The pizzas are cooked in a wood fired oven which makes them perfectly crispy and chewy. I've had this pizza about 5 times and I love it. No, I don't work for them, I just am blown away by this pizza. Also, they make homemade pita to go with their salads. They are fairly new in the area and don't open until 3:30 each day, but you can order online and they deliver!



Famiglia Fornaciari Wood Fired Pizza is by far the closed place I've ever been to an Original Italian Pizza ! no wonder it's located on a City mainly populated by Italians. Whenever I want to taste a REAL ITALIAN PIZZA my place to go is Famiglia Fornaciari ;o)



I lived on the north shore for 12 years and only now you open this shop? Well I came back to see family and friends and since they know I’m a pizza guy they told me about this new pizzeria that had just opened up and it had a wood burning oven, I had to check it out. Came in on a chilly Thursday evening and there it was, my favorite fireplace of them all: a Wood burning pizza oven. (Don’t you think that instead of fireplaces we should have ovens? They are the same thing but we can use to cook! ) ... well anyway, pizza was fantastic. Come to know that the pizza chef was trained in Italy under very select craftsmen and boy that shows! Product was what I expected, crispy enough but enough moisture to not make seem dry, delicious tangy tomatoes sauce on our Prosciutto & Arugula with just enough Goat cheese to make it pop! 


I’m only in town for a couple of day’s but every time I come back this will be our new tradition!



Delicious pizza, straight from the brick fired oven to my table! They are always so professional and delivery is always on time! One of my family’s favorite! Definitely recommend!

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